A New Chapter

For Amy and I this is a very exciting time as I begin my call as Pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Tucson, Arizona.  One of my favorite authors, Frank Herbert, opens his science fiction masterpiece “Dune” through the narrative voice of one of his characters using these simple words: “A beginning is a very delicate time.”  Beginnings are also very powerful times, when possibilities abound for new ideas and unexplored territories, and I look forward to partnering with Trinity as we discover the new places where Christ will lead us.

Having never lived in the desert southwest, I have at times felt like the proverbial “stranger in a strange land,” but the warm welcome of the Trinity congregation and the creative energy that abounds in a university community like Tucson have already created for Amy and I a home where we want to be and where we want to stay.  It is with great thanksgiving to God that we come as fellow pilgrims on a journey of faith and service, offering this prayer from the heart.desert-sunset-sunlight-wallpaper-1

Lord, thank you for timely endings and new beginnings.  May your Spirit direct us through the wilderness to freshening waters and promised lands.  Amen.